10 Reasons to Give to Window to the Wild…


Window to the Wild: 

Brings native birds/animals into the public eye through a unique husband and wife organization founded five years ago

Rescues imprinted and injured wildlife that cannot be re-introduced into their natural habitat

Provides personal interactions with many local species that inhabit the cities and backyards of North Texas

Trains birds/animals, using positive reinforcement to demonstrate their natural behaviors, for public education and private events

Reaches over a million people a year through live, interactive displays of free-flight programs, close encounters in schools, museums, wildlife parks and social media

Offers Trainer for a Day programs at their Tiny House facility

Encourages audiences to learn more about the wildlife around them

Inspires the public to become involved in conservation

Supports and collaborates with other environmental non-profits

Acts as a passionate ambassador for North Texas’ Wildlife

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