Winter Storm…

Right in the middle of Daughts’ busy life with multiple jobs, classes and the upkeep of an apartment the snow hit.

Well at least the ice and with it a shift in routine.

When the roads freeze in Texas everything grinds to a halt, the schools are the first to close because they have the welfare of children to consider.

In Hideaway, East Texas, where I am staying, the driving rain and freezing temperatures stopped at Canton a few miles away.

Watching the news reports on the television for Dallas and further North I was amazed at how many trucks and cars were out in the weather.

Luckily Daughts’ car did not venture out.

She was house bound.

She grew bored and glued some hangers on chocolates for the Christmas tree,


She Skyped me the next day because her early morning temp job on the Boulevard at SMU had been cancelled,

“I’ve got a serious case of Cabins Fever.”

Then proceeded to bake a cake,


or two!

After the weekend, when she was certain everything would go back to normal everything was cancelled again!

Her  Dallas film shoot, her nannying job and Nutcracker class and rehearsal.

Even worse, the nannied children decided they were too old for her services so she was let go!

In the nicest, possible, textiest way!

Now she was knocking on the poor house door…

“I gave myself a Spa Day!” she sighed.


“To cheer myself up :(”

Love the socks!!

She and her brother ventured out to Walgreens, just to get outside for a bit,


and the power went out.

At least there was a big smile on her face.

Oh those winter storms…






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