Thank God for Tomorrow…

Daughts has been looking for a place to live.  Not wanting to get caught napping she decided to start early to ease the tension she was already feeling about us moving to Florida for a few months and her oldest brother leaving for L.A. to pursue his career.  She lives with him and their lease is up in the middle of June so panic-mode was threatening to click in any time soon on this lovely day back in April!


Her decision of where to live was dependent on a new job she had just been offered in a city that was not Dallas.  Just up the road about 25 miles it will shift her social scene, but she insists,

“What social scene?”

She has lived on her own, or at least out from under the parental guidance umbrella, for about nine months, a full gestation if you like and she is proud to say that she has finally got a handle on how,

money in money out works!


Whose handle I’m not quite sure…

Consequently an apartment on her own with all the deposits, utilities and wifi, rent, food and gas began to reveal the truth about her bank account.

I suggested a room in a house through Craig’s List,

“Craig’s List is dangerous Mum, all kinds of kooks, lol!’ she texted!

And added, “Danger-ows-ski!”

To cut a very long story short she called me one evening to say she had spent all day looking for places on the “dangerous Craig’s List” and would I come and check out two rooms with her?

This led to the day in her life  experience back when!

She then forwarded me a message from a woman on Facebook who, in her words,

“Looked promising.”

How on earth can a few lines of text from a stranger look promising?

“Who is this?” I asked.

“Tomorrow’s house,” she said.  Ah, all is now clear, the house we were looking at the next day.

“No Mum!  Tomorrow’s house,”  I thought we were having text delays and blonde moments  so I didn’t respond.

Breakfast and her undivided attention were only a few hours away and,

“What about these rooms?” I asked as I got into the car the next day.

We looked at the first one, a sheer delight complete with pole in the living room!  No, don’t get me wrong, the wife was a professional ballerina and at one point in her career she had had a very successful pole dancing studio.  She now gave private lessons.

Well, maybe get me wrong…I don’t know, a pole in the living room.  Hmmm.

Daughts was captivated by the house, the garden, her room, the pole and the couple,

“It feels like I would be living with my grandparents…” she said when we were back in the car, “…all comfortable and safe.”

The couple were the same age as We The Parents… I looked the other way and thought, ‘I knew I was getting old!’

“Now, where to next?” I asked trying not to splash tears all over the car.

“Tomorrow’s house,” she said.

And then the penny dropped!  Tomorrow is the name of a lady she met at college a few years ago, who took dance and theatre classes for fun, and a shine to Daughts.  She is a strong Christian Mum with a crazy, wazy family.

We headed to Tomorrow’s and talked with her about empty nest, her house and how God was working in her life.

Tomorrow came as an answer to my prayer.

Surprisingly, but allowably, Daughts vacillated between,

Taking a room with a stranger, for higher rent


Taking a room in a house with a friend she’s known since she was 18, for less rent.

Her Savvy Boyfriend worked out the rent difference to be equivalent to 20 hours of hard graft a month!

Savvy Boyfriend (SB)

Savvy Boyfriend (SB)

Thank you Lord and Savvy Boyfriend.

(SB artfully hidden because I know all you Mums out there are going to want to snag him for your daughters!)

She made up her mind,

“I’m going with the first house!”

“What?” I textclaimed.

“It felt so right…”

“Sleep on it,” I said, “and see what tomorrow brings…”

The following day she had made up her mind.

“It’s Tomorrow!”

She’s bright that one!

Her decision was a total surprise she confessed to me once I was up and texting,

“When I went to bed I wasn’t even thinking about Tomorrow and now…I’m going to be living with her!”

That same day she posted this lovely little note,

“Okay, so I’ve made my decision!  I’d love, love, love, to move into your house!  I couldn’t be happier with this situation presenting itself to me/us!  God is good!  You still want me to rent a room right?  Haha.”

To which came Tomorrow’s reply,

” LOL. YES.  I got used to the idea and was then thinking I was going to be really sad but understanding if you were moved a different way.  Yay!!!  Welcome to La Casa roomie!!”

Isn’t it amazing how God knew exactly why he brought Tomorrow into my daughter’s life all those yesterdays ago?

For such a time as this!

Thanks for listening Tomorrow.

Earlier this week Daughts moved some of her things into her new house,


But that’s Tomorrow’s story!


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