Laying Bare my Face with L’Oreal Age Perfect: #CellRenewal #Sponsored…

I have come of age!

Not for the first time in my life for there are many age milestones.  Puberty, voting, leaving home, marriage and parenthood spring to mind without much deliberation.

This coming of age refers to my skin,

Specifically the skin on my face.

I am the first to admit that I worship the sun when it occasionally sheds its rays on my homeland, England, where rain and clouds are the dominant features of the climate.  Consequently sunblock does not come high on my list of facial creams, I want the glow of a tan even if it means a risk to my aging skin.

When I moved to Texas I realized my approach to skin care was going to have to change if I didn’t want to be counted among the weather beaten complected group of ranch hands over at nearby South Fork (yes!  Of Dallas fame!).

Shade became my best friend and a daily and evening slather that helped keep my skin supple and moisturised.

All was harmonious until I noticed my skin was losing the luminosity of youth and my question to the mirror on the wall more often than not came back unfavorably.

Another warning sign was young daughters with naturally translucent skin that has yet to experience the work of living-life-to-the-full for decades.


I decided to take a shot at lavishing my countenance with some TLC for a couple of months and observe the transformation as I laid bare my face for family, friends and cameras.

I signed up to participate in a Vibrant Influencer Network campaign for L’Oreal Age Perfect.  I am being paid for posting the results of my daily and nightly use of their product over the course of a few weeks.  My opinions in this post are my own and apart from using their hard working creams and serum I am in no way affiliated with L’Oreal Age Perfect and do not earn a commission or percent of sales.

On the application was a question asking why I thought I qualified to write this post?

In response I cited the age of my skin as reason enough; they agreed by sending me my samples!

According to the beautiful #sponsored advertisements I was reading, by day my skin would be protected from the harmful rays of the sun.

By night, while I slept, the hard working, #cellrenewal, plumping creams would revive my skin allowing it to live up to the peaches and cream complexions we Brits are famed for.

I had faith that a structured regimen would help my skin become born again.

I received L’Oreal Age Perfect Day and Night creams and a Golden Serum with anticipation.

After two weeks of use here are my first impressions.

I start my regime with the Age Perfect Cell Renewal Golden Serum.  A little goes a long way, I squirt four pumps into the palm of my hand and sweep it all over my face.  Described as lightweight, which it is, it glides on softly like a feather and absorbs quickly leaving my skin velvety to the touch with the back of my hand!

This bottle has depleted rapidly and I have experimented with using two or three squirts but it’s not enough to cover my entire face and throat so four it is and sadly I will run out soon.

Once the serum dries, which is almost instantly, I follow it with either the Age Perfect Cell Renewal Day Cream SPF15 or the Age Perfect Cell Renewal Night Cream depending on what end of the day I’m on.

The Age Perfect Cell Renewal Day Cream  SPF 15 has a rich, silky texture that I am told delivers protection and replenishment as well as performing as a sun block.  It goes on easily and I have been smoothing it all over my neck and face for two weeks now and already my skin feels soft and nourished.  It smells clean and luxurious as though I have my very own private beauty salon right here in my bathroom!

At night I have found the Age Perfect Cell Renewal Night Cream to tingle a little, not altogether unpleasantly but a subtle reminder that it is working hard ridding my skin of all those cells that need renewing, while I slumber.  Imagine all that #cellrenewal going on while I rest!  I find it feels heavier on my skin than the Day Cream but when I stroke my face, expecting it to still feel creamy, I am surprised that the residue has soaked in completely.  My skin is gently wrapped in an invisible protective film for the night.

So far I have experienced a little burst of a break out as my skin adjusts to the new products (nothing too serious) and a lot of skin sloughing.

I can go almost naked using only a quick swoop of blush and powder on my face.  My skin feels radiant and renewed and ready for the city!


In closing, a wee word about the packaging!

The Day and Night creams are encased in golden jars, which I am worth!

However, the same colored and shaped jars are indistinguishable except for the labelling on the front.

Identification between Day and Night could be made simpler with a contrasting cap.

After sweeping on the serum my hands are a little smooth and soft and picking up a jar to check the label becomes precarious.

I’d hate to drop my rejuvenating creams on my Home Spa floor!

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