A Day of Contemplation and Reflection…

I’d never heard of In School Suspensions although I should have put two and two together since I went to boarding school and that’s the only kind of suspension we could get as most of our homes were thousands of miles away and we couldn’t just stay away from school.

I was asked to supervise one of these at my school,

“You can work a half day…” my contact said, “Or stay the whole day.”

I thought, 8 hours where all I could do was reflect, contemplate and pray, with no other distractions apart from the student under suspension, sounded like a lovely way to spend a spring day!


The room we were assigned was one of the school training rooms  There was an adjoining kitchen with washer, dryer,

“I could have brought my laundry,” I quipped when I checked out the space.

There was also a microwave which solved my problem of how I was going to get my regular cups of hot water to keep me hydrated.

The only interruptions all day were the custodians who came in to collect their tools and a couple of teachers who brought work to the student in trouble.

I had a very productive time, the girl was quiet and got on with her work while I read a little, wrote a lot and prayed at regular intervals for my children, my family, the sick ones on my list.

My own little retreat!

At the end of the day the administrator I was handing my charge off to asked,

“Well, did you do any talking?”  We looked at each and shook our heads.

“That was my downfall!” she said, “I had to do an ISS yesterday and after a couple of hours I just had to talk!”

“Not a problem for me…”  I said, never one for small talk, “the day was perfect.”


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