A Flurry of Snow…

I’m always happy when it snows.

The ground looks bright,

dazzling even.

A down comforter slung over Footlights concealing mud ruts in the driveway and beaten tracks through the open fields.

Red berries clustered among the junipers could be directional markers if I had noticed them before the snow.



I’m reminded of Revelation 7:14,

“…they have washed their robes and made them white in the blood of the Lamb.”

It all looks so crisp, so fresh, without blemish, as I hope I will look when I’m presented by Christ to His Father.

C.S Lewis wrote of a land where,

“It’s always winter but never Christmas.”


In The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe snow covered the land until the return of Aslan, on the surface it looked perfect…but no Christmas?  Forget that!

I don’t think I’d like to live where there was a lot of cold and ice and snow but a slight change in season is good for the soul and almost makes me appreciate the great heat we suffer here in the summer…almost.

Consequently when it does snow I like to be out in it, all bundled up, walking along the lanes and taking in the fields freshly draped.

Callie, our beautiful Calico, has other thoughts on the frosty morning,

she snuggles under the duvet,


“She’s made the right choice,” Hubs comments as I pull on my boots.

Footlights caught just the edges of the storm.

Nothing settled but I still enjoyed the magic of the gentle flurries that drifted across my path and melted as soon as they touched down.


A silent gathering of snowflakes for a moment.

A beautiful sight that takes my mind off the turmoil our world.

I accept the gift of beauty that makes me smile.


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2021-02-02 18:32:39 Reply

You Make Me Smile! Prettier than a snowflake!

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