A Hug From God…

On my walk yesterday I went in search of a boot and a shoe, taken by our visiting dog Charlie to harass and worry before discarding in hot pursuit of a rabbit.

I didn’t find either but I did find stretches of land hidden in small dips and behind cedar gatherings that I can’t see from my office window.


And an uprooted tree that had fallen un-noticed.


I half expected to meet a fellow rambler to whom I would doff my cap and make a slight gesture with my hand in recognition.

I had to remind myself that I am not on public property


and anyone who treads where I am, unless invited, is trespassing.

I pictured myself in a long dress and cowboy boots toting a rifle over my shoulder that grazed my wide brimmed hat with its barrel.

I stood still and looked back through the bare branches and marveled at our house set in a dip on the land.

My heart burst and sprinkled my tongue with songs of joy and when I lifted up my face I caught the sky getting ready for bed behind the winter shapes of our trees.


I am always awed that this acreage is mine…


A Hug From God

To fill my mouth with laughter.

The Lord has done great things for me and I am glad indeed. (Psalm126)


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2015-11-25 15:05:30 Reply

How beautiful you said it. I am glad you love it so.

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