A Magnificent Pair of Thoroughbreds…

There are a pair of thoroughbreds at the stable who look the same to me.

I know one of them is named Ben so I call the other one Bill after a TV show I used to watch as a child about identical flower-pot men named Bill and Ben.  Like the puppets there’s no telling the horses apart; at least not for me!

I was speaking to their owner who was hosing down one of them and asked her,

“Who is this?”

“Henry,” she said pulling her horse away from the mare I was shampooing.

“That’s a very English name,” I said.

“Yes,” she said looking at me, “the man I bought him from in Louisiana was from London.  He had a…not to be rude…cockney accent?”

“Oh yes?”

She nodded.

“He used to call him ‘Enry…”

“Oh like ‘Enry ‘Iggins from Pygmalian!” I said with a smile.

She smiled back.

I see the magnificent pair out in the pasture and to my untrained eye they look very similar.


So this morning, when it was time to bring them in out of the noon-day sun, I asked my friend the stable owner,

“How can you tell those two apart?”

“Well,” she said, “Ben is taller.”

Mmmm. To me they both looked about the same height.


“Henry’s older…” she offered.

Hmmm.  No grey hair or walker to clue me in!

“He’s a lumberer, a gentle,  easy going fella,” she added.

Of course, for me, the novice, her choice of physical characteristics were no help at all.

Had she pointed out identifying features such as,

“Ben has two white socks creeping up his back ankles…”


“Henry has a white star in the middle of his forehead…”

I would have been some the wiser.

For now, meet Ben and ‘Enry…


A magnificent pair of thoroughbreds.

Your choice as to who’s who!



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