A New Toy…

Having some acreage lends itself to large toys.


While wheelbarrows are good for clearing dirt and brush, in manageable loads that I can tote without toppling the one wheeler over.

We had those at our old house…Ho…Hum!

A tractor is on my want list.  Well, we really need one but it’s no use buying without all the attachments.

Rather like a Kenwood without the beater, whisk and dough hook.  There’s not an awful lot a cook can do with a bowl and a motor!

We bought an old truck to help us out as a work horse around the land


and it is really useful for hauling trash down the gate for pick-up…

…and unwanted furniture over to the barn for storage.

But the winner is!

The Four-Wheeler Daughts’ boyfriend bought to navigate the nooks and crannies of the property


(without going crazy).

We learned that we can attach things like a tiller and a brush hog to it, so we may be pressing it into hard labour soon,

once the novelty of being purely recreational wears off of course!





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