A Note to Daughts…

Daughts was having a sad day as she drew near to the end of her contract aboard The Grand Mistral.

One of these kind of days,


She asked me for an email,

“A happy one?”  I asked.

“Just an email, any kind…please!?”

So I went for a walk in my lovely woods and thought of something I could tell her that would be uplifting, sensitive and true.

I entitled it,

Hello! Hi! Hey!

Because on board they tease her that she has three words for Hola.

I thought I’d crack a smile!

“Dear Daughts,

I know this has to be a really difficult time for you filled with mixed emotions about coming home and leaving your friends.

Here are some things to remember:

…It is perfectly all right to be feeling sad and torn.

…The intensity of your emotions will pass once you are back in America.

…You need to allow yourself to LET GO.

…When you know that God is at the helm of your life all the difficulties are made easier by your faith.

This has been a season in your life NOT the rest of your life.  Your friends were placed there by God to help get you through some stressful moments and share many a joyful time.  They did it really well.

Focus on all the wonderful memories you are going to carry with you…always.

Your experiences over the last 3 months have changed YOU and helped you to grow into who you are going to be.

You will miss your co-workers but I know you won’t miss the circumstances.

All this happened for a reason, probably not to be with your friends forever but to learn about yourself and to discover what you DON’T want to be doing (cruising on a foreign ship) and what you DO want to be doing (performing!).

This year has been all about change, turning 21, watching one of your brothers marry, selling the family home, returning to England and taking a job on a cruise ship that paid you to do what you love, dancing.

You now know how to cope so between you and God’s breath you can conquer this next step!

With time the loss, the excitement and the sadness will decrease and the key is…LET THEM!

There’s a tremendous amount of love waiting for you here and opportunities galore to get your show back on the road.

We love you and will always be here for you, Muriel too.

Chin up and we’ll be praying.  The Holy Spirit is a powerful force!

Don’t miss any connections and get yourself home for that Margarita!”

She emailed one word back to me,






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