A Reflection on the 23rd Psalm…

You know, I hadn’t even considered working in a school.  Stories from friends had done a good job at putting me off.

Trips to see shows in local Mega Highschools had affirmed my impression that this was where I’d get lost…even with my GPS.

Similar to the Comprehensive (School) in London during my teacher training, I’d never get to know the students’ names and hardly interact with the teachers.

I’d forever be in a state of overwhelmed-ness walking through a shadowy valley.

The very thought made me want to close my eyes and lie down beside a stream.


Still Stream

Last year I was writing about putting myself in the way of God’s grace when He nudged me in the midst of my doubts.

The idea of applying to a private school showed up on my To Do list.

As I’ve written somewhere before, the application forms were long and thorough; it took me a whole week to prayerfully detail my faith walk and what it meant to me to be a Christian and how I would, in essence, walk the talk with my students.


Green Pastures

Normally I’d throw in the towel, or in this case, close my laptop.  Instead I spoke to my oldest son, the film maker in L.A., and he told me a friend of his was having to do the same thing so he could be a Godparent to his sister’s daughter, his baby niece.

He understood what I was going through and I persevered

To my surprise, the work that was furthest from my mind at the time ended up being an anointing.

I expected to be too old to be considered,

I expected the students to treat me as a fuddy-duddy,

I really expected to stick out like a sore thumb…

But of course I didn’t because God knows exactly what He’s doing,


God knows exactly what He’s doing

He was with me and my year was worthwhile,

I discovered confidence.

I’ve lived, I’ve worked, I’ve conversed, I’ve met my Lord, again and again and again.

I’ve been there done that,

Worn this, worn that,

Heard their favorite songs a lifetime ago,

Watched the original movie,

Heard all the excuses,

And experienced all their highs and lows.

My true-life memories melted their hearts, had them asking for more, earned their trust.

I wasn’t their teacher, their mother, their friend,

I was a Messenger.

A glorious, impartial, no strings attached, inspired, Messenger,

I was simply myself and my cup overflowed..

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