Whose Idea Was This Empty Nest?…

Perripoppins, my nanny daughter ended up in the hospital over the Thanksgiving weekend which isn’t the ideal place to go for your turkey and dressing; hasn’t she heard?

She had been working for five months as a live-in nanny where the lines between work and personal time off became dangerously blurred.  Making friends with her bosses, yes she had multiple each with different expectations, intertwined her life inextricably with theirs.  The ever shifting goal posts and derogatory comments on her performance both in person and via text meant she was left without a leg to stand on.

Five months ago, in the rosy glow of a new job, we thought this was a wonderful way to solve three major challenges in her life:


Homelessness and


Praise and thanksgiving were in order.

I lay down prevenient prayer for all my children.  I imagine a path strewn with blessings for them to tread upon and a hedge of grace to keep them shielded from evil.

The near constant mantras of Our Father, Hail Mary and Glory Be’s in the wee hours  were keeping my anxieties at bay most of the time…

I spoke to my daughter during the five months of her employment.

I enjoyed daily updates and the cutest of photos of her 2 year old charge.

We talked about personal boundaries, clear directions and expectations.

I shared my concerns about her doing too much and re-read her contract, several times.  It’s a right to work state so haha but try telling an eager, willing to please, young lady that!

We laughed, joked, shared stories and news.

She looked forward to us coming home for the holidays.

She ended up in CCU over Thanksgiving suffering from stress caused by overload.

Hubs and I tell her…again,

“Life doesn’t have to be this hard.”

I am only as happy as my unhappiest child.

Whose idea was this Empty Nest anyway?


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