When we were in Florida our new friends told us of a service called Airbnb.

They are all over the world and are a good alternative to hotel rooms.

We used one in California while visiting our son and it worked out to be half the price.

We decided to use one on our return to Dallas instead of the Hawthorne Suites while waiting for our apartment to become available.

As I sit in the beautiful garden of a Spanish Ranch house in Lucas,


I can see His hand at work.

We are in one bedroom but have full run of the large house including a fully stocked kitchen, this sitting room where we watch Netflix in the evenings, on our computer,


and the entryway with its terra cotta tile; so very us!


My computer is totally portable and the weather is compliant while I find peace sitting outside.

The neighbor cat sometimes comes over and vies with my Mac for attention!


Sadly the road noise is loud and constant, it may look as though we are in the country but it doesn’t sound as though we are!

In addition to the home owner we have a room-mate.

He is next to us, a medical student doing a semester internment at Baylor.

This is a completely new experience for me and I wonder what little trick God has up his sleeve!

I am outside my box, living in a zone that is not completely comfortable…

I tell myself I am being grown for something marvelous!

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