Amazon Prime…

We all enjoy Amazon Prime,


I can order something and get it tomorrow.

It’s convenient, I don’t even have to leave my house, packages come to the front door,

sometimes even on a bench inside our front porch.

However, because I live out in the country, it doesn’t always seem safe to have random deliverers motoring up the driveway.

I’m all right with UPS and Fedex rumbling along the river rock, it’s the unmarked car, slowly winding its way along, that un-nerves me.

I worry about who may be sneaking through the grasses we grow in the front pasture,


and I stand in my screened in porch to watch as he gets out of his car,

looks hesitantly around,

leans back inside to grab something…

at this point I wonder if it could be a gun or a bomb and I look helplessly for a weapon among my vases and pillows…

When I see it is a box or an envelope with the tell-tale arrow I draw a breath and open my patio door.

The other night is was 9:27 pm, far too late for any deliveries especially those in un-marked vehicles.

I wasn’t waiting I just received a ping on my phone to tell me the carrier couldn’t leave her package because…

well, it was probably too dark to venture up a deserted road that led to who knows where?

Hubs called Amazon the following morning to re-iterate the importance of delivering during daylight hours and the dangers of crossing private property lines without some kind of Prime identifying signage.

In the country, outside city limits, we don’t take kindly to a strange vehicle cresting the rise,


We have been known to take pop-shots at strangers.

“We can’t expect Amazon to change what they do,” I said, “unless someone gets hurt.  It’s up to us to be pro-active.”

He’s considering a rubbermaid tub next to the trash can.

“I could just leave delivery instructions on my order…” I suggested, “‘Leave at the first gate.’

It may make me feel safer when I’m home alone but it won’t be as convenient.

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