An Anniversary…

I texted Daughts,

“Today is my one week anniversary of meeting Sam!”  and added a little Ladybird.  (I can’t here because this is a blog not a text!  But hey, I did find this. WDYT?)


I expected a response because it was early afternoon and I knew she was preparing to go to work and never leaves home without her iPhone.

My iPhone did not swoosh until later on while I was on my walk.  I must admit I thought her silence was out of character, my quip would have amused her unless… and my mind went crazy!

She was angry, she was ill, she’d lost her job, she was irritated, still asleep, busy, busy , busy, face-timing, snap-chatting, taking selfies, insta-gramming, vining, hey-telling, skyping, texting or whatever else can be done with a 3×7 handheld device that has replaced Man’s Best Friend,

Titan: The replaced MBF

Titan: The replaced MBF

What is the world coming to?

Read on, it gets worse!

I used my MBF replacement to take a photo of a host of golden daffodils while I was walking,


well, almost a host!  Then I heard the familiar swoosh.  My fake MBF was signaling me,

“Can we talk?”  it was Daughts.

“On  a walk,” I retexted.

“I’ll call Dad.  He loves me!”

“He does?”

Four miles and an hour later I took over the conversation she was having with the Dad who loves her and she told me all about her day, well, part of her day.

She’d taken her phone to the Apple store on the way to work because it had been playing up, Apps crashing in the background, the screen not responding to her touch, memos failing to remind, and other unforgivable faults.

After an aborted re-boot, which an Apple Geek had told her she needed because there were all kinds of bugs crawling around in her slim 7×3 gadget, the very friendly and helpful associate told her she would have to do the restorative operation at home.  Something about the in-store computers not co-operating…neither of us understand Geek-Speak but  Daughts seized the implication immediately,

“You’re telling me I have to be without my phone for THREE HOURS?” she exploded.  (In ever such a lady-like way I’m sure)

He was apologetic, she apoplectic,

“Mum,” she said, “can you believe he expected me to be out of contact with everyone for Three Hours?  There was no way!”

She walked out of the Apple Store with a blank screen, nothing!  Her world as she had known it had vanished into the Cloud…


I laughed (very to myself) because I knew this digital mania was becoming extreme.

It was pointless to remind her that Before Digital Phones,  a time she barely remembers, I could be out of contact with my world for literally hours…

And what’s more I loved it.  (‘I’m not you’, she reminds me every time I attempt this line of defense).

But this wasn’t a “tap into your inner self” conversation, this was a,

“Why didn’t you answer my cutesy-pie little text?” conversation.

“You sent me a text?  See what I’m talking about?  What time?” she asked, tapping madly on her handheld.

I checked my iPhone,


“2 o’clock, you see I was in the Apple store then and I walked out with NADA on my screen.  Can you even imagine what that must have felt like?”

Yes!  I didn’t say that exact word settling instead for,

“What’s so dreadful about being out of the loop for a few hours?”

Deep, deep breath, indicating an extreme eye-roll from my conversation partner.

“It wouldn’t have been so bad if I’d been able to warn everyone.  Sam and I didn’t talk all afternoon!”


Shoot I thought, what happened to the days of letter courtships?  Either technology has been clipping along without my noticing or I’m really, really old!  My point of reference reminded me that in my day, old fashioned written communication sometimes meant I could go weeks between missives from my latest beau.  But this wasn’t about me so…

I re-sent my adorable text instead,

“Today is my one week anniversary of meeting Sam!”  Ladybird.  (Getting better, WDYT?)


“Well, did you get the text?”   I asked…I was beginning to worry I’d lost my flare.

“Yes, I sent it on to Sam, LOL!”

“We’re not texting, you don’t have to LOL me!  ROFL!”   I said, and we continued talking of many things,

“…Of cabbages—and kings— And why the sea is boiling hot—And whether pigs have wings.”

(Through the Looking Glass. Lewis Carroll).



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