An Hapless Intruder…

When I get up in the morning the first thing I do is patter into the cat room to feed the waiting herd.

Callie is always on the dryer,

- oh, by the way, did I mention they let me share their room with my washer and dryer?-

Shadow on his book shelf and Magic just milling around my feet.

They never disappoint, it’s been a long night and they’re ready for breakfast.

This particular morning only Callie was there.  I made a lot of noise measuring out their food but they didn’t come running.

Curious I walked through the house looking in their baskets, the backs of couches, the sink, but no sign of the boys.

Then I spotted them in The Nest where we watch Netflix.

They were over by the wooden trunk, where I keep sheets and blankets, totally focused on something underneath.


I slipped in and shut the door behind me, my first thought being,

‘I don’t want a loose snake slithering around my house…!’

I got down on my hands and knees alongside them,

“What’s up boys?” and there it was, a little mouse,

cowering with the electric cord,

pressed tightly against the white skirting board,


in the hopes the cats would just go away!


Not my cats!

Not any cat I’d say!

I sneaked out and recruited fearless Hubs, picked up a plastic cup and we both headed back to capture the hapless intruder.

Between the five of us we had a fine old time.

We moved the trunk, it scampered over my foot.

We moved the loveseat, it ran across Magic’s tail.

We bumped into each other as we lunged.

Shads fumbled it briefly between his velvety paws.

We were all thwarted by this tiny critter as we clumsily advanced.

We stood en garde waiting for its next move…

…a careless one on its behalf…

It scampered pell-mell into a corner and Hubs laid his slippered foot on it quick as a flash.

He hurriedly scooped it into the cup along with some carpet fibres,


and took it outside for a quick release.

I hope it ran off to safety never to venture inside a house again with three cats and two crazy humans in residence.

In reality it was probably dazed and picked up by a hawk,

or just plain died of a heart attack after the morning’s excitement!

Much as I wouldn’t have liked a snake slithering around the house, I don’t think an unwanted mouse would have been much better either!

Good job Kitty-Witties!

Good job Hubs.

You’re all keepers!

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