Annual Burn at Footlights…

I suppose we have a burn each year as the wood and vines pile up and we can no longer ignore them…

there’s only so many wild-life habitats we can create!

When the social-distancing became a thing and

we had to stay at home because everywhere was closing and

groups larger than ten were being frowned upon and

declared socially irresponsible,

we decided to make our compulsory stay-at-home-time count!

The first week we did our taxes…oh joy!!

Then we found out we had until July 15th to file them…yay, yay!

The following week we decided to light a fire


in the pit.

We rid ourselves of the brush and trimmings that had been scattered across the fields with the help of cardboard…easier said than done since said pit had been rained on and everything was well soaked.

But we persevered and finally got it hot enough to smolder and finally settle in to a slow burn…


The following day I came home from my walk and Hubs had lit a bonfire in the fairway.


Suspecting he was going to finish what we’d started I’d already  linked hundreds of feet of hose and turned the stand pipe on for safety measures so that the volunteer fire department, who lived down the lane, didn’t have to turn out to quell a wildfire on our property!

All was safe and the second burn completed the job.

However, as is always the case, no sooner had we rid ourselves of all the debris than another strong wind front came hurtling through and more limbs came tumbling down and we started piling all over again…


But we only light up twice a year and our spring burn season has now passed.

The hoses have been reeled in, the stand pipe turned off and the rain has doused any potential for keeping the bonfires going for more than a couple of days…

Now begins the mowing and the passage of the brush-hog through the woods creating paths and chopping up the sheddings of the trees during the summer months.

No more burning for now.

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