Apothic Red…

Described as plush this velvety wine is just what the doctor ordered after a mishap on Central that may have cost us our car.

It is a blend of rich Zinfandel, flavorful Syrah, bold Cabernet Sauvignon and smooth Merlot resulting in everything a red wine lover desires.

It is called Apothic Red,


and was brought as a gift to one of my At Home occassions.

Thank you mystery guest!

I think I will have to encourage the local wine maker to include it in his inventory.

Since I work every now and again at Caudalie Crest Winery down the road I know a lot more about wine than I used to.

I asked Sue, one of the owners,

“OK, tell me a little bit about your wines.  For example, I know that red grapes make red wine and white grapes make white wine…”

“Well,” she said with a trace of a smile dancing on her lips, “fine Champagne is actually made from black grapes!”

I stood corrected.  There are three main varieties of grapes that are used in the production of Champagne, black Pinot noir, black Pinot meunier and white Chardonnay.

I did not know that!

I have also discovered that the name of the wine usually reveals the grape that has been used.

Caudalie Crest’s Shiraz Shiraz, is produced from the Shiraz grape.

Their very popular (and currently sold out) Tempranillo is a Spanish black grape, grown in Texas.

Their Texas II Step is a blend of Aglianico, a Southern Italian black grape, and Tempranillo, a Spanish black grape.


I bet you noticed the name of the wine doesn’t give anything away here?!

You get my drift…just check out the shelves at your local grocery store.

Two recent additions to Ray and Sue’s list of whites is a dry and a semi-sweet wine made from an orange Muscat grape grown in the area,

They are delightfully named Prairie Mist and Prairie Blossom respectively and give no clues as to the name of the  grape.

But really, it doesn’t matter how much I know about the wines, the fruit, the fermentation technique, the aroma, or the bottling process, the taste is what counts and for the day that ended in our car being towed to All Star Collision,


Apothic Red, A Winemaker’s Blend, was just the ticket!


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