There’s a really pretty ridge at Footlights, overhung by trees making it shady and grassless and cool.

It backs onto the creek and when it’s rained there’s the soothing sound of flowing water to accompany

the  hawks crying overhead,

and the yapping of excited coyotes,

both in pursuit of the rabbits (I wishfully think) who keep eating my flowers.

Although it’s at the front of our property it’s very secluded and cannot be seen from the lane,

“Watch out for snakes and scorpions,” Hubs warns as I detour up there in my boots just to check it’s not been over-run by vines and brambles.

“Let’s put one of our tables and benches up there,” I suggest, “then we can read…” Hubs frowns, “or enjoy beer-o’clock!” I add with a grin.

When the Indian blanket had just started blooming and the weather was still cool-ish and the chiggers weren’t chiggering, Hubs surprised one day me by mowing a way through the grass,


and loading a picnic table and benches onto his trailer.

I followed a few steps behind and we ended up in the pasture that used to be a pond,

“Those were heavy…!” he said puffing when I went to help him cajole the mower out of the mud.

We hefted the outdoor furniture up the hill and along the ridge beside the red-lipped honeysuckle.


We gave directions to our Barnlights residents,

Hubs hung a sign,


and waited, snake stick at the ready!


I set the scene with fresh roses, tablecloth, napkins, blue glass and flutes.


Our Barn-mates arrived shortly thereafter bearing a small cake and smiles.

We grazed on cheese and crackers,

bowls filled with fruit and whipped cream

and sipped glasses of sparkling water and champagne.


We enjoyed the peace and quiet of Arborlights.

“What a lazy Sunday afternoon!” I said and yawned as we were clearing up.

“Who was lazy…?” asked Hubs facetiously!

It all appeared effortless and was our pleasure to share one of the hidden gems of our beautiful property with such an appreciative pair!


Love you lots Daughts and Sam!

So blessed to have you as our co-dwellers.

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