Arranging Flowers…

The day before the big party Daughts and I spread some mason jars on the tail-gate of my truck,


to fill with snow on the prairie, dried thistle and pretty yellow wild flowers we’d cut along the lane…


adding zinnia from my garden for a splash of rose or pink.

The dead flowers did not play well with the live so we put them all together in a metal watering can to place at the entryway to the garage.


Daughts had bought several large bouquets from  Kroger that were on clearance.  They were beautiful and had at least a few days’ life left in them.


We spread daisies and roses, hydrangeas and baby’s breath on the refectory table and filled metal pots, lost in the profusion of color.


The end result was spectacular and we gathered them up to distribute in the barn.


A pot here and there,


to welcome our guests.


and bring back happy memories of a lifetime and promises of a love-filled future.

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