The Peril of Nick-Names and the Very Young…

My friend and cohort in the homeschooling world has a beautiful grand-daughter named Fiona and while she was yet unborn my sons, best friends of her sons (one of whom was the proud father to be),

called the lovely unborn child, whose sex they discovered at the Sex Reveal Party (sounds racey but we’re homeschoolers and it wasn’t),


for short.

Which was perfectly fine!  But wait, there’s more!

Because her last name was going to begin with C, they further added to the nick-name making it,


And there it stuck for the remainder of the pregnancy…


Yep…only boys can wreck a beautiful name like Fiona and fling poo it straight into the gutter, but fling poo it they did!

Until, that is, she was born when all bathroom jokes were off and the dear, lovely, adorable, girl had to be treated with respect and chivalry and all the courtly stuff young ladies are born to!

She became plain Fiona once more and has turned into an irresistible sweetheart.

Not Fee-C

Not Fee-C


And now…

Two years later,

Because revenge is oh so sweet,

And patience is rewarded to those who wait,

My sons, are announcing the imminent arrival of Fiona’s brother or sister…

…they won’t know until the Sex Reveal Party (ditto above disclaimer),

What they do know for certain though is,

They are expecting…

Number Two!

Too funny what do you think?

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