Baby Prince…

I suppose I wouldn’t be truly British if I went the whole week without saying something about the royal birth.

I am British and I do want to say something but what is there left to say?

On Monday Daughts texted me on her way to work that Kate was on her way to have her baby.

Crowds gathered outside St, Mary’s hospital and the happy announcement occurred at 424pm on the afternoon of Monday 22nd July.

The easel went up inside the gate of Buckingham palace the following day,


Then silence until Tuesday evening at 7:13pm when we were gifted with a lovely shot of the proud parents and their bundle of Princely joy leaving the Lido Wing ready to go home, to Kensington Palace.

Kate looked lovely,

Courtesy of BBC

Courtesy of BBC

No name yet,

“We are getting to know him,” William explained.

On Wednesday 24th the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge declared they were naming their son, the third in line to the throne, George Alexander Louis.

For no other reason than they liked the names.

There will be lots of boy Georges in the future I imagine.

The churches in Britain prayed for the wellbeing of the new royal parents all this week.  Such a joyous piece of news to hit the headlines instead of the grim stuff we’ve been treated to lately.

He will be known as His Royal Highness Prince George of Cambridge.

The little family are staying with the in-laws!  They are spending three weeks bonding in Bucklebury, Berkshire, Kate’s family home.  They will be guarded by police on horseback and a helicopter.

Of course all our new born babies are just as special as tiny Prince George only the world doesn’t realise it!

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