This year, the expanded and screened in back patio that we completed last summer has come into its own,

It faces east so catches the sun as soon as it comes up,

it’s quiet,

and very beautiful.


As you can see I have panoramic views of the back fairway,

I can watch the comings and goings of humming birds and a pair of pretty hairy woodpeckers, black and white striped with a little red pom-pom on the top of the male’s head.


I can enjoy my emerging flower bed

and keep watch, with our metal vulture, on the comings and goings in the woods,

the road runners,

squirrels quarreling over pecans,

the crow family playing chase through the grass,

and the occasionally deer.

My vegetable garden is coming along slowly too.


Hubs really has a lot to answer for…his two patios are beyond gorgeous and very live-in-able.

Thanks to my man of 36 years!

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