Barn Cats…

Neighbors are having kittens!

Or at least their barn cats are!

To date there have been four litters born, a total of 21 adorable bundles of fur on offer.

All free to a good home,


or at least free to anyone who wants a kitten or more.

Daughts went and picked up her two a couple of weeks ago and named them Theta and Oliver.


Theta in pink, Oliver in camo

They live with Titan inside the apartment and hopefully deter any mice from venturing forth from field or barn.

However, the mice seem quite oblivious to the fact that cats aren’t good news because we have both found evidence of rodents inside our living quarters even with excellent mousers in residence…

Nonetheless I insisted that the logic is sound and jumped on the kitten band wagon.

“A couple of barn cats will be a natural deterrent to our rural problem,” I assured Hubs.  He was naturally skeptical.

On Friday Daughts and I went along to select two from separate litters just to keep the neighbors happy and spread the love around!


We deliberately chose non tabbies to avoid being reminded of the identical pair, living close by, who pulled the straw for pampered living.


Notice the ‘M’ s on their foreheads!  For Mouser.

My two will never know that their lives aren’t perfect…

They’ll be able to stalk and prowl, pounce and claw, whatever crosses their paths.

For them air-conditioning will be a gentle thrum in the background,

Bed will be a roomy dog carrier lined with a towel to burrow in,

Home will be the space within their metal run that they can scamper in on the barn floor without getting lost in the myriad of hiding places in the barn at large.


Board is food and water, a litter box and a couple of toys.

I can’t resist visiting them a few times a day and spoiling them with treats and a cuddle while they grow accustomed to their new life together without litter mates and Mum.

They don’t know about the inside cats…and their lives of luxury with Titan,


Oliver & Theta with ‘Mom’

All they know is how to purr loudly and meow pitifully when they hear the barn doors opening.  They are already agile climbers with long claws with which to snag prey.

I’ve tentatively named the female,




and the male Midnight…



They’ll make purr-rect hunters…

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