Barn Wall and Fence Pickets…

When we first bought Footlights, known back then as simply 3407, we looked into the barn at the blank, white,  apartment wall.  It was very un-inspiring and gave nothing away about what lay behind.


I suggested Daughts and her Hubs paint it to give it some personality but, as is the rule with the McNenys and now outlaw Kelloggs, painting was too simple a solution.  We batted around ideas, considered murals, toyed with brick facing and so it sat in its blah whiteness until a few weeks ago.

Daughts and I were brainstorming about how to refurbish the entire barn for a possible reception venue (not just for her and Hubs this coming October but for a potential business down the line).

Nothing big and fancy, a space for less than 50 guests perhaps…

Somehow old, discarded, fences snuck into the conversation and we found a young man who delivered old, discarded, fences for a small fee.

Before too long she and I were the proud owners of two sets of fence pickets stacked neatly on a couple of pallets we’d hauled off the roadside when we were dabbling with cutesy, rustic, home decor ideas from Pinterest.

Hubs, in a flurry of experimentation, removed the pickets off one set, pulled out the nails, trimmed them to get rid of the pointy tops and rotten bottoms and someone declared,

“These may be good along the apartment wall…sort of like shiplap except not!”

That’s exactly what we all were thinking!

While we were waiting for the right time to begin panelling Daughts and I put up whole sections of fencing against the barn walls just to see.

And rather liked the effect.


This fence was definitely being re-purposed.  One set was just enough to do the three walls with only a little trimming needed here and there.

Then the day dawned when everything was in perfect alignment to start shiplapping – or not – the blah apartment wall.

Hubs and I could hear the compressor going over in the barn while we finished up the front porch and knew progress was being made but wanted to wait for the unveiling before assuming we could go across and take a peek.

Over the course of a few weekends and a couple of week days this had happened,


From blah to WOW!

What an outlaw we have and how well the newly weds worked together!

Now we’re busy organizing the tool section of the barn,


the rustic theme has taken hold and we are pretty chuffed!

Never a dull moment here at the Footlights Ranch!


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