Bird Nests…

Our garage has no door, it is an enclosed car port really so home to many critters I imagine:







and birds.

My new mudroom sports a shelf where I keep my wellies and outdoor shoes.


High enough from Charlie’s reach (the visiting dog who walks with me) who loves to run off and hide our belongings given half a chance.

Hubs went to put on his work shoes last week and found evidence of avian activity,


“They’ve only just started building,” he said as he dumped out the dried grasses, “there’s hardly any straw in here.”

“All they’re doing is lining the readymade nests,” I pointed out, “just a bit of padding for their little bones.”

He put them on and went to mow a meadow and the birds returned to start work on home number two…in my wellies.

A pretty deep, steep sided home I imagined!

Everytime I come out of the kitchen into the garage I see one fly off as swiftly as a…swift!

The cats keep watch through the window panes of the back door when they’re not napping on the couches,

clocking their comings and goings, making funny little guttural noises deep in their throats and chittering their teeth.

I am keeping my own watch, silently, from my outdoor office where I carry the laptop each day to write.

A pair of sparrows have built a nest, balanced precariously on the guttering just above my flower bed.


Its fragile appearance is misleading as it has withstood some high winds this spring.

The chicks have hatched, I see a lot of to and fro activity with tasty morsels dangling from beaks and I hear a lot of chirping.

Happily these little birds are in no danger of being unceremoniously turfed out by an unthinking human and I’m sure I’ll soon be treated to the first flying lesson.

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