Birthday Celebration…

We had a mini family reunion last weekend.

My oldest daughter wanted grandmama and her local siblings to see where she lived with her room mate & three dogs.

Film-Maker bro joined us via FaceTime in California and we were almost complete, Lindsey had to work at her cool job, The Cidercade.

I took along my chocolate biscuit cake, a special request for the birthday girl.


Now that I have the ganache down I’m going to tweak it a bit and double the chocolate and rum content.

There’s no such thing as too much chocolate is there?

We ate hamburgers and sausages cooked on the grill with corn and asparagus, chips and iced tea, and plenty of bold coffee.

There was good conversation around the table,


graced with freshly cut flowers from my garden.

Paris had written acrostics to go on our cups that best described each guest.

These are the adjectives she used for Pops (Larry) and herself:

Loving, Annoying, Romantic, Ridiculous, Youthful.

Pretty, Admirable, Respectful, Independent, Silly.



We had the pleasure of the company of all three dogs for about five minutes!  My dog, Harley, had had a haircut and his toe-nails painted blue.  He was all ready with his bag packed and snacks for the long car ride.  Such a handsome boy!

Presents were opened,


Earrings were tried on,

Birkenstocks were worn,

Gift cards were stashed.

Their pergola was admired, her chimes were hung,

and Ashley did all the running around cooking and cleaning….

with a smile,


Ashley with Harley bobbling his head over her shoulder

and a bobble-head Harley looking on.

We took a good family photo,


which wrapped the day up perfectly.

Well, almost perfectly, in the gathering of our stuff we forgot one important thing…

…I was always convinced that when the children did that it was a ruse to ensure another visit…

Subconsciously I’m guessing that’s what we did.

Now they’ll have to come here for the weekend because I’ve gots to have my:

Handsome, Adorable, Regal, Lovable, Enigmatic, Young,



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