Blast from the Past…

Buses today are no fun!

Rather like modern playgrounds…where’s the fun without swings?

The bus driver operates the doors and will only open them when he has come to a full stop at a bus stop…an official bus stop!  Once he has closed the doors, even though you run up and smile beseechingly, most drivers will not allow access.  The power is total!

On alighting the same rules apply.  We may be stopped at a traffic light and then snarled in traffic at the top of the hill but we have to wait, as our bus wends it way slowly to the stop, before we are permitted to get off, by which time I could have been home or at the shops if I’d been able to just hop off as I could in the old days!

The bus driver doubles as conductor, only instead of his little metal machine to be cranked into producing a ticket in exchange for a few coins, he watches his card reader as I scan my oyster card which automatically deducts the correct fare.

Then, in the West End last week I saw this bus,


and the memories came flooding back…

You see the open platform?  The pole that can be grabbed and hung onto if the bus is moving when you jump on at an alarming rate!  Yes, there is an Oyster reader there at the bottom of the stairs but it looks to me as if I could hop on and hop off whenever I want to, bugger the appropriate bus stop!




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