Bobbing for Cod…

Last night we decided to have blackened fish.

Hubs and I got out a couple of fillets and popped them in a bowl of water, still wrapped in plastic and frozen.

It can’t be the smell that lures Shads, our Russian Blue, to make a bee-line for our defrosting food…

It must be the irresistible urge to nick anything left, unguarded, sitting on the counter …or in this case…in a bowl of water in the sink.

Despite the water he hit upon the brilliant, if not characteristic, idea to Bob for Cod.


He kept getting the water up his nose, not being a Jacques Cousteau kind of cat, and he’d surface with a sneeze and rapid shakes of his head only to plunge once more for a grapple and…success at last!


He hit the portion against the metal side of the bowl which made an unmistakable clunk alerting Hubs to the scene,


and turned tail and fled, his prize firmly clamped between his teeth.

But Hubs was ready for him!


Such an adorable kitty as long as we remember not to leave anything alone on the counters when we’re not around!


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