Bucket-List & my Ordinary Life…

The best thing about empty nest is not having children underfoot day in day out.


Empty nest in my Wellie

It allows me to be utterly myself, eat straight from the fridge, use all the hot water when I shower, dust only when company is expected,  go barefoot outside, watch Netflix instead of reading, sleep without an alarm, ignore the phone…

It means I’ve finished all the have to do’s in my life and can, without guilt, start on the want to do’s!

Commonly called a bucket-list.

Looking back the experiences and achievements I’ve had thus far have been rather bucket-listie:

Marry; have four children (√)

Be a stay at home Mum (√)

Stage manage (√)

Host an internet  radio show that spawned a blog and a following (√)


Live in the Middle-East (√)

Perform on stage as a dancer (√)

Nurse baby raccoons (√)

Publish articles and stories (√)

Race powerboats in the English Channel (√)

Buy a country property (√)

Plan a wedding (√)

And so it goes on and on.

I didn’t give those hopes an official label (not being a labeller), they were simply part of my life…

…my ordinary life that kissed the extra-ordinary many times along the way.

Empty nesting means I can trail my fingertips in the waters of re-invention.

I’m the mistress of how I choose to spend my time and the part of me I want to nurture…


It’s heady stuff but I have to pace myself.

In my former life as a volunteer I’d find myself saying “Yes!” to everything that came my way during the dog days of summer when extra-curricular activities lay dormant and I lounged by the pool,

“Help!”  I’d say to Hubs in September, “I’m double-booked again!”

But I can’t help saying “Yes” to all those interesting things that come up like flying with a woman who tootles around in her little plane over my back forty,

Digging a bed for giant sunflowers to dapple yellow at the gate,

Organizing Hubs’ power tools and odds and ends in the barn,

Bottle feeding a baby goat abandoned by Mum,

Substitute teaching…

I could find myself exclaiming, when the weather cools down again,

“Yikes, I’ve no time to clean out the fridge or brush away the cobwebs…”


Empty nest and cobwebs means a busy life

But I doubt it!

The worst thing about empty nest is not having children underfoot day in day out,

I miss them.  We both do.

But I have oodles of fond memories lining my heart,

and plenty of new ones in the making to welcome them with when they come to visit.

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2017-09-03 19:44:53 Reply

We do miss them!!!

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