Busy Bees…

I’ve talked about the busy bees around the lavender but I have started to notice something natural but upsetting.

They are dying,










everywhere I look on the pavement, bees are either stumbling around, seemingly exhausted, or have just simply given up the ghost…dead as…bees!

Which is only to be expected, you should see the hours they work, buzzing around from dawn to dusk!

“Do they take stock of which flower they’ve visited?” hubs wondered out loud today during breakfast?  I don’t know…do they?

To add insult to injury, (they don’t have the easiest job on the planet, all that pollen to carry around on their legs) I witnessed a bee struggle for his life in a sticky web before being brutally attacked by the weaver on the wall opposite our kitchen window.  The struggle was intense and another bee was frantically trying to catch our attention bopping its body against the glass window to draw our attention to the fate of his co-worker.  She was clever enough not to get too close to the web lest she endanger her life but she was desperate!

I went outside to snap a picture


and the noise of flapping wings, the buzzzzzzzz-ing, was loud.  It must have been deafening for the fellow worker who was hovering close by in support.

I am happy to report that within moments of taking the photograph I watched the bee pull free from the lethal web and escape to resume his work pollinating the hydrangeas with his partner!

Without missing a beeee….at!


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