Busy Week…

I was very worried about my busy week.

I checked my calendars endlessly to make sure I wasn’t overlooking something.

I was freshly surprised, after each examination, by new events crowding out my life.

I was amazed at how everything fell into place without any scheduling skill on my part.

How had I known, when I pre-recorded my show this week, that my future daughter-in-law’s mother was coming into town?

I had caught up on my writing tasks, my emails were up to date, my library books were current and my standing appointment for coffee and prayer with my friend was on hold while she was out of town.

A whole week of extra-domicular activity beckoned and I was nervous!

It started with one activity, a concert that I had won tickets for at the State Fair Bird Show a month ago.

Then, because, if you noticed earlier, I keep calendars (not singular but plural), I realised I had double booked myself on the concert day.  I used to be able to rely on my memory and keep an accurate mental schedule.

Luckily I am blessed with a group of flexible friends who busied themselves re-arranging their calendars to accomodate my scheduling faux-pas.

Happily in so doing we favourably accomodated another member of our literary club who had had a bona fide conflict!  So it all worked out.  Thank you God.

From here the week became a magnet for varied events and outings.  I embraced my new sociability without wondering if I could keep up the pace.  Fear stymies our growth and is a kill joy to boot!

This week I took a much needed break from the stuckedness of my life.

I flew out of my box, shook off the shackles and kicked up some dust!

My venturing uncovered the secret of a 24 hour day.

By being busy at something new I was able to accomplish an unfathomable number of things.

I delighted as each hour stretched before me, sixty luxurious minutes that used to pass in the blink of an eye.  As I checked items off my list and double checked my calendar(s) I still had time for more.

Astonishingly I,

Tweeted for Thanksgiving week

Cleaned the house with help from hubs.  We laboured for two extremely long hours!

Baked two Bakewell tarts one for each of my sons

Went wedding dress shopping, not once, not twice but three times!

Ate dinner at a trendy pizza restaurant, Cane Rosso, of Drive-ins, Diners and Dives fame

Attended the Dallas Wind Symphony performance of John Williams’ music with a party of eight

Met a group of students from my Word Press class to iron out some kinks, over a deli lunch

Took a much needed power walk, in a large mall, after endless hours of sitting, being enchanted and frothed at, in bridal shops

Invited the prospective-in-laws for dinner while my son went on a wildman adventure to Chicago

Made a fuss of a special friend turning 50!

Had my hair coloured an Easter Egg blue then cut

Laughed my way through reading group between bites to eat and glasses of wine

Shopped for our dinner club party

Helped hubs decorate the house to look like an English pub

Went to dinner at the prospective-in-laws house, and

Attended Saturday evening mass.

In this flurry of activity that went on for 8 days, I rediscovered the beauty of balance.

I went back to my writing with a vengeance this week but in order to stretch a few hours I break my static day within my head with activities that don’t have time whirring past quite so fast.

As my friend in words, Max Lucado, says, I am living in my sweet spot when I put pen to paper.

Precious time gets lost in my words.

As a follower of the rule  I need to seek balance in my day so that I can fully appreciate the hours I am given by my creator.

My busy week revealed this to me and I am grateful!


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