Callie’s Back…

Four months ago I wrote about Callie, the Calico cat who adopted us while we lived off Garland Road.

We were moving from our apartment and heading to Florida and discovered she was pregnant.

Because we couldn’t look after multiple felines while we were away we had taken her to the animal shelter where our children had volunteered for years during our homeschool era.

There she gave birth, barely a week later and that was that!

She had gone from carefree, semi-outdoor cat who could stretch to her full length whenever she wanted to and choose from a number of sofas, chairs and beds on which to sleep,


to cage-bound with umpteen kittens mewing under-paw and getting in the way.


I have to admit I had bouts of guilt especially when I saw pictures of her behind bars.

Three months later and about two weeks before we were to return to Texas from Florida, Daughts, who had been occasionally keeping up with what was happening in her life, called me excitedly,

“Guess what?”

I couldn’t!

“Callie’s still at the Shelter.”

“Wow, did they keep giving her kittens to foster?”  I asked.

“Yes and no, but she and her kits had ringworm but now she’s all better and getting ready to be spayed and put up for adoption.”

“Would you mind going and getting her?”  I asked, knowing the answer.

“I can?”

And she did!

After four months we are re-united!

Callie is slowly acclimating herself to a large house with plenty of places to snooze and explore,


She has adapted to a litter box and so far hasn’t whined to go outside where she wouldn’t last five minutes among the coyotes and birds of prey.

According to the vet she is 3 years old, not the young cat I had suspected her to be and is skin and bone after her long ordeal with motherhood.


Slowly but surely we are fattening her up.

At first she had a tendency to sleep under our furniture and I began rewarding her with a treat everytime she came out to be sociable.

Now she enjoys lolling between us on the loveseat.


Curling up on the kitchen table (when no-one’s looking),


and draping herself elegantly across the back of our sofa,


Welcome Home Callie-Coe.

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