Card Exchange…

Ian, my film-maker son, and I have been exchanging cards each month for the last three years…or so he says.

Last evening I decided to sort and thread them by year starting with 2016.


Of course I re-read them all too and thought how wonderful to have such heartfelt sentiments in writing from my oldest son living out of state.


Sometimes the card would be a special holiday, Maundy Thursday and memories of cheesecake Chimichangas, or Halloween with musings on why some people make such a big deal of a holiday we virtually ignored!

Sometimes we would come up with more obscure holidays such as National Hug Day or Start Your Own Island day.

All the time the cards would have memories, thoughts and thank you for listenings, or boy I sure miss yous and looking forward to seeing yous when a trip was pending.

No matter the reason, the sentiment was there, the ritual of going to the store to buy a card, hand write it, address and stamp it, mark an open date on the back and pop it in the mail box.


 Ian was right, of course, it has indeed been three years!

I’m hanging 2018’s above my desk as a reminder of our special bond.

The previous two years’ are on my bedroom bookcases,


in easy reach to read again and enjoy!

What a lovely tradition between a mother and her son..

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ElRay Mac

2019-01-10 16:05:20 Reply

Communication with those you love and with – well – anyone – is a good thing. It is nice you and your son have such a close bond!

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