Cascading Water at Footlights…

Last year when it rained and rained and rained, the creeks bordering our land filled and overflowed and found their way half way up our back forty, threatening the safety of our house.


We knew there was a blockage along the waterway beyond our property line,

we could hear the tinkling of the stream at the bridge, but by the time it reached our house it was still,


motionless and deep.

This year we’ve had a few massive rainstorms.

One in particular rummaged through our tree tops and tossed branches in every direction.

Some of our neighbors’ roofs sprung leaks.

When the deluge halted, slowly easing off until the drops fell half heartedly as if being shaken from a bucket, I was sitting at my computer on the back patio,

I heard a thundering down in the woods and had to go and investigate.

In wellingtons I sloshed through our tall grasses and arrived at the brimming, not overflowing, banks of a very fast running creek.

The water was racing with branches and boughs that had fallen during the winds,


swirling over boulders,

careening around corners,


cascading as fast as it could in a downhill slalom from two directions to meet in a hurtling eddy of waters foaming and frothy, bent on its course to a nearby lake, unhindered at last.


The blockage from last year had evidently cleared itself and my tumbling water boundaries were back in action.

I reveled in the natural beauty I am blessed to have stewardship of.



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