Cat Day

Daughts sent me this of her walking her boss’ canines.


Walking is such a dog thing to do!

In England some folk were genuinely surprised that I walked every day without a dog!

I don’t have a dog at the moment.

Even when I did, I didn’t walk him, I was up to my eyes in raising a passle of offspring.

We had a large garden and pool for exercise and a wild field leading to a creek behind the fence.  No need for walking.  My dog self-exercised when he needed to.

I meet dogs on my walks but I am never bold enough to photograph them.

The owners use them as an excuse to pass the time of day.  I generally walk on with a polite,

“Hello, yes it is lovely!”

I think I am more akin to the cats I see while I walk.  Like me they are busy with no time to talk!

Then Daughts sent me this photo,


just lolling in the warm air outside her apartments.

“Is he dead?” I asked, she has a penchant for sending photos of critters that have gasped their last,

“Nope, very much alive,” she said sending me another one to prove it,


or is it just another angle?

The cats around Hideaway are generally aloof and self centered not at all friendly like this gorgeous black and white.

But funnily enough that same day as I closed in on my 8,950th step, there came along a young tabby who lived across the road and up a hill.

She miaowed loudly at me,


and I halted while she rubbed her body against my legs and executed a familiar figure of eight dance while trying to trip me up!

I noticed she was large with kittens and stroked her, then she was off with a backward glance,


Places to go cats to be.

What a lovely surprise.

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