Cat Startled…

As an empty nester my house is always clean and picked up.

Last week I returned home from subbing at school and was quite taken aback when I walked into my closet to find clothes and shoes strewn on the floor as if I’d turned into Daughts and changed my outfit several times before breakfast!


I hadn’t!

Callie’s favorite place to hide from Magic is a shelf in my closet.

I looked up and there she was, sitting in her fleece lined Amazon Prime box, looking as if butter wouldn’t melt in her mouth…


I picked everything up and thought nothing more of it,


…I happened upon her sleeping soundly on top of the very clothes and shoes that had been re-arranged onto the floor a few days before.

When she sensed I’d entered her sacred space she immediately sat up and through bleary eyes looked at me as if she’d been caught in the cream…


“OK,” her look said, one paw poised ready to jump down lightly, “perhaps it was me after all!”

And she nimbly hopped down without disturbing a thing.

All I can think is that big boy Magic had startled her and sent her fleeing from the shelf knocking everything akimbo in her haste.

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