My ceiling painting job came around again.

After I’d volunteered my services the first time round I declared it to be,  “The last!”

However – memory fades over the years and earlier this month I found myself saying to Hubs,

“I’ll paint the ceilings…” as part of my strategy for getting our back patio extended.

I knew from experience that putting a coat of paint on the new ceiling would not be quite the neck-craning ordeal the two existing front and back patio ceilings had been because the surface area of the extension was a whole lot smaller.

As before, I laid the raw boards out in the pavilion,


and painted them while they lay horizontally on saw horses and various tables.

Being outside is always a plus for me and this was no exception, my senses were pleased by the balmy air drifting in from the woods, the murmuring of bees in the wildflowers and the song birds singing.


It seemed to take me a long time to get the first coat down on all the boards, covering the dull taupe with pale blue was tedious work, but when I looked at my watch it had only been thirty minutes.

I shrugged my shoulders forward a couple of times and rolled my head to loosen up the knots and started on the second coat.

Blue on blue, much easier.

Twenty minutes later,



Full coverage without a ladder!

Our bird training son, Simon, came over to help Hubs size, cut and screw them to the underside of the new rafters.

But first things first…

I’d made Cioppino for lunch so we sat down to eat the fragrant fish stew and catch up.

Sated, Hubs stood and said,

“Let’s get to work!” to which Simon replied,

This isn’t work, I’m not cleaning cages or pouring ciders, I’m in the country…this is fun!’ and he pulled back from the table filling the room with a smile.

“Come on Pops, let’s go have some fun…”  He clapped his father on the shoulder and off they went.

His happiness soaking into our house.

The cats sat and purred.

I took my tea and book to the porch to enjoy the upbeat banter as the two men worked fast, side by side, in harmony.

Just as they were finishing  it started to rain, and in doing so, showed up a leak, a tiny, tiny drip under one of the rafters.  They removed the board for later investigation.


We sat on the daybed watching the downpour and basked in the merriment brought into our lives by the wholehearted efforts of our son who was brimming with life.

And as a Mum I wondered,

Is he like me?

Or is he like Hubs?

Or is he a combination of both of us as so often happens with children?

Whomever he takes after I pray that Simon will keep his keen fire for life even through the knocks and bruises.

He made our day.

An arrow, or in this case, an electric screw-driver, in the hands of a warrior describes well this child of our youth. A heritage from the Lord.  (Psalm 127:3-5)

Our gift from God.

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