Christmas Day Photos…

Last year we sent each other photos of what we were doing on Christmas morning.  A sucker for traditions I texted the clan with a photo of Hubs and me,

“Christmas photo time!”


On our way to G/Mama

They all complied,


Ian & Jen in front of wrapped pictures on the wall…



Simon & Lindsey on their way to G’Mama’s

Even Paris and Ashley managed a picture after an accident in San Angelo ,where they were visiting family, that involved a tree branch and an eye,


Look, no eye patch!

and rather took the gilt off a happy Christmas morn.

And the newly weds in Flower Mound waiting for their stockings!  I can’t find a good photo of them!!  Haha there are loads throughout the year but not a good one from Christmas day!

I had made sausage rolls


and we drank champagne and started the day with Grandmama,


exchanging a few gifts and taking more pics,


before heading off to spend a quiet afternoon with Simon and Lindsay,


posing around the land on the mild afternoon.


We were joined by Malia and Sam and all cooked together making roast beef and potatoes, sprouts and carrots and snacking on a reuben dip.  We drank wine from Trader Joe’s and finished off the meal with chocolate pecan pie and bakewell tart.

I saved my Christmas pudding for another day!

It’s all right to break with tradition when you’re a McNeny and navigating Empty Nest!

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