Christmas Gifts…

This year I thought I would buy my own Christmas presents on Amazon Prime, have them shipped to Hubs so that he could wrap them.

I was telling a couple of friends about my ploy,

“He used to buy me impractical underwear from Victoria’s Secret!”


“He actually shops at Victoria’s Secret?” they asked incredulously.

“Yes!  Always did, probably helps that one of his friend’s sister was a model for them,” I noticed their eyes had popped open, “back when things were more modest,” I hastened to add.

They laughed.

“Victorias’s Secret sells comfy stuff and perfume too, only Hubs never seemed to notice…”  I said to more giggles.

“Finally, after twenty some odd years of uncomfortable but beautiful ivory and pink lingerie, aching to be worn and languishing, in the foamy layers of tissue paper it had come in, at the bottom of my closet, the lacy teddies and silk stockings stopped appearing under the tree.

“I started getting practical gifts like rubber wellies, slippers and mixing bowls,

“Last year he surprised me with a bow and arrow,” they howled.

“What kind of bow?”  One asked.

“I don’t know, a bow like Robin Hood’s?” More peals of laughter, I forget I’m a country-gal now, living with hunters and fishermen.  These ladies probably know their stuff.

“I’m thinking of telling him to put me a few of those frilly bits of nothing under the tree again.”  They grinned.


“At least it looked pretty in my drawers and felt satiny and soft to the touch…and couldn’t kill anything…!

“So…that’s why I’m thinking of buying my own stuff this year…a plain and simple array of gifts, dusting powder, mid-heeled pumps, a good date book, perfume, a wine rack, several books….a couple of bottles of champagne…red toe-nail polish…”


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