Our De-Churched Children…


I’ve been reading blogs about house church.  From these blogs come laments for the un-churched, those who don’t know the stories.

I first heard of this group during our lenten discussions at our church in London this year.  I had never considered there to be a whole generation of young people, children, who had never heard the familiar and well loved stories like, Noah and the Ark, or Moses and the Burning Bush, or the Wedding Feast at Cana, but there are.

“As grandparents and Aunts and Uncles,” the group was saying, “where do we start with our families?”

Presumptions could no longer be made, they had to start at the very beginning.  And this is the England where bible is taught in all schools only now it shares its time with other faith stories and gets lost in the mix.  No wonder our un-churched people are confused.

Also came laments for the de-churched, those older children who make decisions not to continue going to church after leaving home.   Many of them are boomer’s children who feel that organised churches and the church as an institution is letting them down.  There are even some murmurings that we boomer parents are culpable for some of the disillusionment and hypocrisy experienced by our offspring.

I am glad I found this blog because I have been feeling the same way and I am a boomer.  On the one hand I am wondering why my children, whom I homeschooled and raised as Christians and with whom I attempted to walk the talk, don’t go to church anymore?

And on the other hand I am seriously considering following right behind them.

Only instead of “no-church” it would be “home-church” because I need the weekly worship, the setting aside of a day, as God commanded, to be my Sabbath from all things I consider work.

And on my third hand I don’t know if I’m brave enough to stop going to church. I can hide behind my age except that I  have a priest friend and his wife, in their eighties, who prefer home church because they do not buy into the institutional church they were raised in.

A good friend of mine said,

“When your church stops holding the same moral and ethical views you have then it’s time for you to leave.”

I find it gets easier to be tolerant in my old age or am I growing lukewarm?

I need to do something, I am still my children’s parents.

When I happened upon these blogs they lifted my heart and put me on alert.

Let’s pray for the young adults of the millennial generation who are making a noise for Christianity.


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