Cloud Formation…

Early morning walks are the perfect time to catch the world waking and my mother comes along with me in my head, her words of wisdom strolling through my mind,

“Pick your feet up…”

Many’s the time I’ve stubbed my toe on a large rock, or rolled my ankle in a pothole and lifting my feet slightly higher than usual helps me not to stumble.  

“Look where you’re going…”

A well intentioned admonition as I was prone to walk into lamp-posts as a girl bringing home a tell-tale lump on my forehead, proof of my preference to look across the street where the people watching was aways greener.  

Other things are what keep my eyes straying from straight ahead these days…no lamp-posts to run into on the lane…  

I can’t resist looking up into the sky, sometimes even walking backwards to catch the pinkness of dawn,

or a hawk being chased off by a song bird,

or a balloon floating silently on the breeze,

or, on this particular morning, a bank of black storm clouds rolling in.


I kept an eye skyward and picked up my pace not wanting to be caught in the downpour.  I was almost at the half way mark.

What would be the worst that could happen?

I’d be drenched by the time I got home.

Nothing new in the humidity of a Texas summer.

As I re-crossed the main road I glanced up again and was stopped in my tracks.

I breathed deeply in awe at what I was looking at; to my right was this tubular formation suspended across hundreds of acres,


to my left was the bank of roiling storm clouds, heavier now, more ominous.


Two different formations sharing the sky, one a traditional stormy weather warning,

the other God’s very own version of a wind sock.

I arrived home dry and the heavens opened up as I stepped into the garage.

For just a minute it bucketed and then the clouds quickly dispersed and the sky cleared.

Just like that!

Look up when you can, you’ll be amazed by the antics God’s creation is getting up to around you.

But do heed my mother’s warning to pick up your feet, you never know what may trip you while you’re marveling at mother nature.

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