Coffee Beans…

My rock-climbing and co-founder of Window-to-the-Wild son gave me un-roasted coffee beans for Christmas with a modified popcorn popper to roast them with.


I’d never roasted my own coffee-beans before so I was excited when Hubs and I decided to try it out last week.  Green, they looked like regular pinto beans, in fact, what would they be like boiled?


They also smelled bland so I was eager to start the process and add ‘Coffee Roaster’ to my resume!

As the beans heated up Hubs shook them to prevent burning and after several small batches our garage began to smell like a high-end coffee shop.

The aroma was deliciously tempting and the beans took on a dark, oily glow.


We transferred them into a small canister to take inside


and quickly roasted enough for our first cup of heady java.


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