Comfort Foods…

When we go to town we try to do as much as possible to make it worthwhile.

There is no sneaking in without our children finding out,

“You’re coming to Dallas?” Daughts will say.

“Let’s have breakfast!” suggests our son.

“Copy the others on time and place…” we are told.

So we interrupt our children for an hour before they resume chasing, in different directions, after their lives.  Hubs and I drink coffee while they eat full breakfasts with their caffeine.  A quick and effective visit to keep us going for another week!

I meet with a friend to talk about one of three things, homeschooling, our faith or the state of the family or all of the above!

A trip to the storage unit is on the list because we have keys and one of the children usually wants to dig around for a ‘must have’ item.  I don’t know how our storage unit has become the attic of the family home but it has.

This time it was our Perripoppins daughter who needed her TV and a few items of warmer clothing since the weather turned.

We dug around a little too and found our cordless phones which we no longer need, but it’s good to know where they are…

The post office box is a must on every trip.  With all the junk mail the small space fills up fast and neglecting it for more than a month results in spillage on the other side of the wall.

The staff are very busy and reluctant to trail back-post box for useless flyers and credit card solicitations, but there may be a real piece of mail so we insist.

The Indian store is where we go for a few items that aren’t available on the grocery aisles in East Texas,  P.G.Tips, chocolate biscuits, Lime Pickle and Digestives.  You’ll only understand this if you are a fellow English countryman, or married to one and fully immersed in the culture.


Happy Elevensies again!

Where we live is dry so a trip to Specks a few miles further on to buy two bottles of fortified alcohol is considered mandatory at this festive time of year.

Sherry and rum, two culinary enhancers for holiday baking and gravy making.




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