Confident Callie…

My calico companion knows what she prefers.

Like all cats Callie is very independent, only jumping to attention and talking up a storm for treats, her dinner at 5 and the peacock feather.

Try holding her for a second longer than a moment and the claws come out while she struggles to escape

Try luring her to the top of the bed for a late night cuddle and she hops down with a huff

Try getting her to join you in a game of ‘take a nap on the floor’ and she retreats to her favorite rug and stares


Try getting her to come when you call and she crouches deeper into the moses basket on the top shelf of my closet

Try stroking her head while she checks under the pillow for snacks and she pulls away with a meow

Try tickling her tummy while she’s in repose


and she’ll take your hand in her mouth and look you directly in the eye before letting go and darting off.

We have been warned…

Don’t overstep your boundaries

Respect the limits

Observe feline protocol

Know the rules of engagement to


Strike hard and first!

She can instinctively defend herself

by dashing under the bed.

She knows the meaning of the word, ‘No’ and imposes it with a swat of her velvety paw, once,


Before unleashing the talons for business!

She has internalized the maxim,

‘Don’t mess with me!’

She oozes confidence and self esteem and expects the world to revolve around her even as she turns her elegant back on it.


She walks away with dignity and a flick of her tail.

She is not a creature of habit.

When we get used to her sleeping in once place,


She switches to another,


Just to keep us on our toes!

She does not cow-tow to anyone,

She leaves groveling to the dogs.

I am learning all about loving myself,

From my Callie Coe cat.

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2015-12-02 15:27:47 Reply

Hopefully you are not learning too many of her independent and defensive ways!

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