Coupons and Apps…

Hubs and I were at Joann’s fabric to buy some more of their really expensive foam.  We suspect it’s really expensive because each time we approach the cutting table the assistant says to us,

“You know, this is $12.99 a yard?”

And we say,

“Do you have any coupons?”

And she says,

“There’s a 40% Off one regular priced item.”

And Hubs hands over his phone,

“Can you find it for me please?”

And she does.

This particular day Hubs already has the coupon pulled up on his phone and asks,

“Are there any other coupons today besides this one for a single item?”

And she says,

“Do you have an iPhone 3 or 4?”

“Mine’s a 5s.”  Hubs says.  Why does she think because we’re older than her that we have ancient phones?


“If you download the App.,”  she says, “you can get another 40% Off one regularly priced item because it’s a different barcode.”

Hubs looks at me,

“I can’t get the App. because I’ll lose my coupon.”

So I, with my 5se, pop into the online store and locate a Joann’s App. and show our price conscious assistant my screen.  She taps a couple of buttons and I’m halfway through the download as we reach the checkout counter.

“How’s it coming?”  Hubs asks.

“Nearly there!”  I say with a smile showing him the slowly moving icon on my screen.

“Are you looking for coupons?”  I hear a voice behind me and turn to find a young woman peering over my shoulder.

“Yes, if you download the App. you get 40% Off.”  She starts tapping away on her screen then leans over,

“OK.  I’ve got the App. where do I find the coupons?”

I look at her iPhone screen and it’s all familiar!  I tap a couple of buttons and voila!


“Oh, thank you.” she says as she approaches the counter and we walk out.

“I can’t believe I actually helped someone younger than me with an App. on her phone!” I say to Hubs as I skip joyfully alongside him to our car, “I suddenly feel years younger!” and I take his hand.

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