We took a trip up to the Denison Dam managed by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers.  It’s located on the red river between Oklahoma and Texas and was a pleasant 45 minute drive from Footlights.

Because of the heavy rain so far this year the reservoir, which creates Lake Texoma, has risen to great heights and all the gates have been opened to manage the additional weight and volume of water.

The sight was amazing,


326,568 gallons, that’s 16 swimming pools, of water cascading into the red river every second causing rapidly flowing water; there were boats out there!

It puts my little overspills at Footlights, after a good rain, to shame!


But they’re beautiful anyway!

We climbed down the stone steps to the beach to get a closer view of the rushing river,

DamStepsapparently the fishing was good and the stripers were biting.

On the other side of the river was another viewing spot so after enjoying the swirling water and very loud white noise for a few minutes we headed over

in our car, not a dinghy!

The dam is an earth-fill embankment and has many purposes including flood control, water supply, hydroelectric power production, river regulation, navigation and recreation.

Standing so close to the force of water as it rushed through the gates at 43,653 cubic feet of water per second was at once un-nerving, deafening and awesome,


even Hubs was taking pictures,

and being splashed by the spray!


Worn out by all the natural energy we went in search of lunch.

I’d heard friends talk of a catfish restaurant nearby that was the best!

We found it a few miles up the road,


and enjoyed a thoroughly delicious fried fish lunch.

The drive home, or probably it was the food, made us sleepy and we did what we had grown accustomed to in San Miguel de Allende when the afternoon sun got high,

took a siesta.

Refreshed we headed off for more good eats at our weekly Pizza night gathering on the lane!!

Another example of the good life led by the Rigsby Lane Revellers!


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