Daughts On the Move Again…

About six weeks into our respite in Florida Daughts, our Texas house-sitter, Face-Timed us and said,

“Mum, I’ve been doing a lot of thinking and praying and I know I’m not going to be able to afford to move into an apartment straight away …”

and she went on citing the reasons we had already hashed over and come to terms with…so I was curious as to where she was going especially since she was ‘praying’ about it,

“… and I wondered if I could move into the barn?” she finished, then added, “I’ll pay you rent,” and paused.


The Mews, as seen from my front door over at the Auberge

Burrowing into the pillow of tender silence between us I reflected.

Hubs and I had been getting the barn apartment ready to rent out in order to defray some of the costs of buying our lovely piece of property…

We were expecting strangers to move into The Mews…

However, with God in charge my life is an everlasting roller coaster of changed plans, so…

A deep breath in,

A quiet Om out and

A gentle drop into the present.

I found myself thrilled that since she has apparently fallen in love with,

“this country-living…” as she has so eloquently put it.

And her boyfriend enjoys it as much as she does,

“He could totally live out here!” she’s said excitedly.  (Lol I thought!)

I raised an eyebrow at Hubs across the table before responding with an,


“Coolio!” she yelped.

“And I’ll take the offer of rent and any other help around the place we can get in return for access to the deep freeze and internet!” I added.

“No problem, we’ll help with the mowing and other odd jobs around the barn and apartment…”

I could see the grin creeping across her face as I processed the two letter word…’We.’

Within days she had all her stuff down from the attic and the Mews transformed.


Oriental rugs had been unrolled and placed on the newly finished floors, beds had been set up, kitchen cabinets had been filled,


a fridge/freezer had been ordered and a kitten had been thrown into the mix…



Yay!  I get to have Daughts living across the driveway, up the hill and through the orchard.

Plenty of cups-of-sugar-borrowing in store for me!!

On that cloud of anticipation I walked my way to the other side of our stay at Turkey Creek.

Last Monday she started her job as a ballet teacher at a prestigious dance studio with branches in Dallas and Frisco.  When one of her colleagues asked,

“Where do you live?”

She replied matter of factly,

“In a barn.”

“With animals?”

“Well, yes…there’s a dog and a kitten…” she had to think about that one.

“No horses and cows?”

Daughts laughed out loud (for real)!

You honestly can’t describe our family as being run of the mill…

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