Day Bed…

IKEA is our go-to furniture store!

We found a great twin day-bed that tucks away neatly in true IKEA fashion.  It has well placed legs and a smooth easy action that pulls out into a very comfortable king-size bed.

When the two flat boxes arrived they carried labels that read,

“Requires some assembly”.

Some was the operative word because, as Magic quickly pointed out,


there were a few dozen poles that needed slipping into corresponding holes.

The frame was easy enough, Hubs managed that single handedly,


when it came to the fitting of the poles into the correct slots he found there were apparently four of a different length,

not bundled together for easy identification but rolling loose among the others looking very much the same.

Hubs asked for help!

Then, crouching carefully so as not to over bend his replaced knee, he slowly put it together under Shads’ watchful eye.


The bed came with two foam twin mattresses that stack when it’s not pulled out,


and looks very pretty on our front patio.

We tested it for three nights while we went without our air-conditioning…

…and that’s another story!

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2018-09-27 19:38:15 Reply

Shads was no help at all I’m sure!

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