Degrees and Other Surprises…

I had always encouraged my oldest son to follow his dream.  It was a dream that all young boys have, no, not a train driver, although it could have been, his was a dream to go to the moon.  Failing that he was convinced that God’s perfect plan for him was to join a team of astronauts on the Space Station. He was, and still is, brilliant enough to do this and who knows what the future may hold..?  When my husband, notice I lay the blame at his feet, gave him the gift of a video camera on his 11th birthday his past life flashed before him and was forgotten.  He traded the moon for movies (still an “M” word) on terra firma and graduated Cum Laude, at the age of twenty, from The College of Santa Fe with a degree in film.

Aaand, the Aggie earned a Wildlife and Fisheries degree and at his graduation I discovered that his passion for animals in the outdoors had switched to rocks in the outdoors!  He was a valued charter member of the A&M Rock Climbing team.  In turn he discovered that his award winning mother had single handedly disposed of his snakes by airing them outside one afternoon under the brutal Texas sun.

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